A Modern Parable

The animals met in assembly and began to complain that humans were always taking things away from them.   “They take my milk,” said the cow. “They take my eggs,” said the hen. “They take my flesh for bacon,” said the hog. “They hunt me for my oil,” said the whale   The snail was the last to speak, “I have something they would certainly take away from me if they could. Something they want more than anything else. I have time.”    You have all the time in the world if you would give it to [Read more...]

Sitting in traffic

I was caught in heavy traffic yesterday, inching forward and standing still, listening to Brahms’ violin concerto and all the noises outside my car. I watched the other drivers: bored agitated, furious, all in a hurry to get somewhere. In spite of Brahms I also became restless. I thought: I cannot spend days listening to music with all the chaos outside. I wondered what You would do, Lord Jesus, in a world of cars, television, traffic jams and rush hours. I wished that You would join me, sit [Read more...]

The Value of a Sparrow

If I am more valuable than a sparrow, should I not ask – how valuable is a sparrow? The Ministry of Agriculture decreed that sparrows were a menace to the crops and should be exterminated. When this was done, hordes of insects that the sparrows would have eaten descended on the harvest and began to ravage the crops, whereupon the Ministry of Agriculture came up with the idea of costly pesticides. The pesticides made the food expensive. They also made it a hazard to health. Too late it was [Read more...]

Nobody asked Lazarus

No one asks Lazarus if he wants to be resurrected. That’s the fascinating part about our gospel reading today. No one asks if he wants to return to a broken and hurting body, tangled relationships, and the responsibilities of his finances and his career and his family. What a terrifying and awful feeling, to be yanked back down to Earth with such suddenness. Many people who have near-death experiences return to life with a new sense of purpose, with joy and awe at the knowledge that there truly [Read more...]