Litany of the Dust

Litany of the Dust For those who have betrayed us…Father, forgive them. for those who have let us down…Father, forgive them. for those who have been indifferent to us…Father, forgive them. for those who have crippled our lives…Father, forgive them. for those who have doubted us…Father, forgive them. for those who have accused us…Father, forgive them. for those who have preferred others to us…Father, forgive them. for family members who have hurt us…Father, forgive them. for friends who have [Read more...]

The Missionary

We welcome Rev Rob Healy, WA regional officer from the Bush Church Aid, and in honour of his visit I share with you a story about a missionary. You see, the missionary to Europe was knocking on doors in his adopted country. At one house, an older woman answered—and when she realised the man was a missionary, she angrily demanded that he leave, slamming the door in his face. The door, however, bounced back open, and the woman shouted, “Get your foot out of my door!” “But ma’am…” the missionary [Read more...]

Charlie Smith

The Feast of the Transfiguration is a time in the Church calendar when we commemorate the Transfiguration of our Lord. But it is also a time to remember our own transfiguration, our own changes. Allow me to share a story with you (names have been changed) A man, we’ll call him John Jones, attended a worship service where a man prayed aloud for a friend. “Dear lord,” he said, “you know Charlie Smith. He lives in that red-roofed shack down the road by the bend in in the river. He’s leaving his [Read more...]

Love Is Letting Go Of Fear

Dr. Gerald Jampolsky wrote a book a few years ago entitled Love Is Letting Go of Fear. In that book he asks this question; “Have you ever given yourself the opportunity of going through just one day concentrating on totally accepting everyone and making no judgements?” He goes on to say, “Everything we think or say reacts on us like a boomerang. When we send out judgements in the form of criticism, fury, or other attack-thoughts, they come back to us. When we send out only love, it comes back to [Read more...]

Two Brothers

Jesus began to teach in parables. He said; The kingdom of God is like two brothers who were called by God to give up all they had and serve humanity. The older responded to the call though he had to tear himself away from his fiancée and his family and go off to a distant land to spend himself in the service of the poor. Years later he was imprisoned for his work, tortured and put to death. And the Lord said, “Well done my good and faithful servant! You gave me a thousand measures of service. I [Read more...]