The Magical City

We are always looking elsewhere for God, in the Magical City in the sky. The religious person finds God right where he’s planted in the here and now, in earthiness. Once there was a man who had grown weary of life. Tired to death. So, one day he decided to leave his own home town, his ancestral village, to search for the perfect Magical City where all would be different, new, full and rewarding. So, he left. On his journey he found himself in a forest. He settled down for the night, took [Read more...]

The Oyster & The Pearl

You know exactly where to look. That is the reason why you fail to find God. The events described in this morning’s gospel made me think of the story of the oyster and the pearl. You see an oyster saw a loose pearl that had fallen into the crevice of a rock on the ocean bed. After great effort she managed to retrieve the pearl and place it just beside her on a leaf. She knew that humans searched for pearls and thought, “this pearl will tempt them, so they will take it and let me [Read more...]

When I learned to hate racism

A man recalls this story: I remember the day I learned to hate racism. I was five years old. The walk home from school was only about five blocks. I usually walked with some friends. On this day I walked alone. Happy, but in a hurry, I decided to take the shortcut through the alley. Without a care in the world, I careened around the corner—too late to change course I had walked into a back alley beating. There were three big white kids. In retrospect they were probably no more than sixth [Read more...]