Some Life and Fellowship Groups in our Parish

We encourage every parishioner to belong to a Life Group, for worship, fellowship, discipleship and outreach.

Look through the list, see which groups interest you, and contact us to find out more.

Parish Email:

Postal Address:    PO Box 336, Hillarys WA 6923

Care and Share
A Women’s fellowship Group, which meets each Wednesday morning at 9.30 am in the Parish Centre to discuss the lectionary readings for the following Sunday, have a chat and a “cuppa”, and offer help where possible to the Parish.

An introduction to our faith in an enquiry-based course such as Alpha, Christianity Explored or Glad You Asked. These are one-off courses that last for several weeks, and are run at different times during the year, such as in Lent.

Men’s Group
A fellowship group which aims to strengthen the ties between men at the same time as providing help where needed in the Parish.

Prayer Chain
A group which has monthly meetings for prayer, but also is the contact and distribution centre for prayer.

Regular Bible Study
This group meets each Wednesday evening and Thursday morning in the Parish Centre, and looks at a book in the Bible or takes a thematic approach.

This group meets each Thursday afternoons for 25 minutes meditation followed by afternoon tea. Contact the Rector for more details.

Your Life Group
You can form your own Life Group. Gather people around a passion or interest, meet regularly, offer worship, fellowship, be open to invite others, and make a difference.