I Dream of Gold

This morning’s gospel is about that desire, many of us share in some way or the other, greed

Once there was a man who dreamed of nothing but gold. He was obsessed with it. Morning, noon, and night he dreamt of gold. 

One day he got up from his desk and ran to the marketplace. He ran through the crowd to the table where the man was selling gold coins, he sept them all into his little bag and ran away. A policeman was standing right next to the table and he nabbed him.

The policeman took the man to the police station and as he was locking him up he said to the man, “I can’t understand it. There you are, me right next to the merchant’s table and at least one hundred witnesses, and you steal something right in front of us all!”

The man replied, “I never saw anyone. I only saw the gold.”

What riches in life is so important to you, that you lose sight of everything around you, safe that thing you desire? 

Remember that not everything that glitters is gold, and not only gold is considered riches.

Love in my Master’s Name;

Fr Des Smit