In honour of our barbeque and fellowship scheduled for this afternoon…An eighty-five-year-old matriarch hadn’t been to church lately, so Father O’Malley thought he’d go pay her a visit. He knocked on her door and after a time he heard her spirited voice shout, “Hello, who is it?”

“It’s Father O’Malley,” he answered.

“Oh, come in, come in,” she said. “How’s the church doing?”

“Everything is wonderful. But I just wanted to see how you are doing. We’ve missed you.”

“Well I haven’t been feeling too well lately, I had two root canals last week.”

Just then the phone rang and she excused herself to get it. The minister sat near a table with an old magazine and a bowl of peanuts. After a few minutes, he started flipping through the magazine. After a few more minutes, he heard his stomach growl and begin to get restless, so he started in on the bowl of peanuts while he continued to look through the magazine. After a while, he realised that he had eaten the entire bowl of peanuts.

At that time the lady of the house returned and said, “I sure do apologise. That was my sister from Adelaide. She only calls once a month so when she does we have to catch up on everything.”

Fr. O’Malley, feeling a little embarrassed, said, “And I must apologise. While you were gone, I got hungry and ate all the peanuts in your little bowl there.”

The woman chuckled, “Oh, that’s okay, Father. Since the root canals, the best I can do is suck all the chocolate off of them!”

Love in my Master’s Name;

Fr Des Smit