A priest put this question to

a class of children: “If all the good

people were blue and all the bad people

were pink, what colour would you be?”


Little Johnny replied, “Father, I’d be streaky!”


So, would the priest. So, would the bishops, the pope, and all the Saints.


A man was looking for a good church to

attend and he happened to enter one in

which the congregation and the priest

were reading form their prayer books.


They were saying, “We have left undone

those things which we ought to have

done, and we have done those things

which we ought not have done.”


The man dropped into a seat and sighed

with relief as he said to himself,

“Thank goodness, I’ve found my crowd

at last!”


Attempts to hide your streakiness will sometimes be successful, but always dishonest.


Love in my Master’s Name;


Fr Des Smit