The Devil’s Pretence

In honour of St Michael and All Angels, I offer you a short story about the devil’s pretence.


There is an ancient legend which says that the devil, Master of disguise, tried to get into heaven by pretending to be the risen Christ.


He took with him his demons disguised as angels of light, and had them cry out the traditional first part of the welcome psalm: “Lift up your heads, O ye gates of heaven, and lift up your doors, and the King of Glory shall enter!”


The real angels looked down on what they thought was their King returning in triumph from the dead. So, they in turn shouted back with joy the refrain: “Who is this King of Glory?!”


The devil then made a fatal mistake. He opened his arms and spread his palms and declared, “I am!”


The angels immediately slammed the gate of heaven and refused to let the imposter in. they saw right away that there were no nail marks in his palms. The imposter had no wounds of love, had not paid the cost.


May the angels protect you and guide you with wisdom and courage as you continue you journey of faith and love.


Love in my Master’s Name;


Fr Des Smit