The Magical City

We are always looking elsewhere for God, in the Magical City in the sky. The religious person finds God right where he’s planted in the here and now, in earthiness.

Once there was a man who had grown weary of life. Tired to death. So, one day he decided to leave his own home town, his ancestral village, to search for the perfect Magical City where all would be different, new, full and rewarding. So, he left.

On his journey he found himself in a forest. He settled down for the night, took out his sack, and had a bite to eat. Before he turned in for sleep, he was careful to take off his shoes and point them to the new direction toward which he was going. Unknown to him, however, a jokester came during the night while he slept and turned his shoes around. When the man awoke the next morning he carefully stepped into his shoes and continued on to the Magical City.

After a few days, he came to the Magical City, not quite as large as he imagined it., however. In fact, it looked somewhat familiar. He found a familiar street, knocked at a familiar door, met a familiar family there, and lived happily ever after.

Is God calling you to follow him? Are you to follow Him on a journey or at your home?

Love in my Master’s Name;

Fr Des Smit