The Oyster & The Pearl

You know exactly where to look.

That is the reason why

you fail to find God.

The events described in this morning’s gospel made me think of the story of the oyster and the pearl.

You see an oyster saw a loose pearl that had fallen into the crevice of a rock on the ocean bed. After great effort she managed to retrieve the pearl and place it just beside her on a leaf.

She knew that humans searched for pearls and thought, “this pearl will tempt them, so they will take it and let me be.”

When a pearl diver showed up, his eyes were conditioned to look for oysters and not for pearls resting on leaves.

So he grabbed the oyster which did not happen to have a pearl and allowed the real pearl to roll back into the crevice in the rock.

The people of the village, having witnessed a miracle in the release of the poor man, do not give thanks for the miracle, instead they ask Jesus to leave them.

Is that what we do? Do we in response to God’s mercy and grace in our lives, ask Him to leave us?

Do we grab the empty oyster and leave the pearl?

Love in my Master’s Name;

Fr Des Smit